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In 1988 our senior partner had an idea, and as a result of it Iurispan emerged. Http://iurispan.org/

It was a matter of joining several Spanish firms to collaborate with each other, seeking to facilitate the development of judicial procedures in the locality where they were to be processed, as well as the client would be accompanied by a lawyer from his trust.

Today, new technologies and the implementation of the virtual notification system through the lex-net platform do not require the physical presence of the lawyer in the processing of the process, but the mutual collaboration continues to benefit and enrich all the members of Iurispan.

The same was thought when joining IAG. Http://iaginternational.org/

In 1989, nine firms, including ours, joined forces to collaborate with each other and face the growing need in those years to have trusted professionals in the main cities of the world and thus help clients whose Interests exceeded the country itself.

Today, such collaboration becomes even more necessary in a globalized world in which workers seek their place in other countries and companies settle in other jurisdictions that are forced to comply with laws they do not know.