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Areas of expertise


Family Law

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In the area of Family Law, our legal services are ranging from the processing of Exequatur for the recognition and enforcement of Judgments of divorce, to the filing of claims related to international regulations such as the Conventions of Recognition and Enforcement of Judgments on maintenance or international child abduction.

Tax Law

We offer advice and planning on all tax issues pertaining to individuals and companies, including:

  • Taxes on capital transfers in Spain, the UK and Latin America.
  • Foreigners who live and / or work or have businesses in Spain, other European countries or in Latin America.
  • Establishment of foreign businesses in Spain, Germany, the United Kingdom and Latin America.
  • Operations from third countries to businesses based in the EU.
  • Incorporation of companies.
  • Consulting in the field of indirect taxation (VAT / I.G.I.C.)
  • Legal proceedings and appeals against the Tax Administration and Economic Courts.
Personal injury

Our firm is specialized in personal injury claims, and has lawyers with extensive experience in claims with international elements, both in Spain and the United Kingdom.

Maritime Law

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Our firm has lawyers with broad experience in Maritime Law providing a quick and effective service on the arrest of ships in ports, of Barcelona and and in the Canary Islands.

  • Ship Financing
  • Use and exploitation contracts
  • Disputed claims and arrests of vessels
  • Pleasure boats
  • Special Register of Ships from the Canaries
  • Purchase and sale
Mediation and Conflict Resolution

Our firm approaches mediation as an extrajudicial form of dispute resolution in the interest of our clients, believing in dialogue as an alternative to judicial disputes.

Our Law Firm offers the possibility to mediate all kind of conflicts, especially those concerning Civil matters (Family Law and Inheritance Law), as well as commercial matters, Labour Law and organizational matters.

Environmental Law

Our legal team offers prior advice and legal defense in the administrative, civil, criminal and tax matters:

– Advice on matters of Emissions, Inmissions and Discharges, Protection of the Atmosphere, Waters, Waste, Noises, Chemical dangerous substances for the correct fulfillment of the legislation. We provide legal defense of disciplinary proceedings, obtaining permissions, authorizations and administrative concessions of environmental nature. We also provide  contentious-administrative defense related to environmental pollution, discharges and waste management; emissions to the atmosphere, protection of safety and health, violation of the protective regulations of natural resources and the environment, flora and fauna, impact assessment, energy sector, natural environment and protected areas.

– Legal Actions in environmental matters: Civil actions of responsibility for environmental and patrimonial damages, Criminal actions for the commission of ecological crimes.

– Environmental taxation: Advice on tax intervention

Aviation Law

Our firm has experience in advising on issues regarding Aviation Law, mainly related to cargo, passengers and regulation of airports. We have also intervened simultaneously in several jurisdictions for claims in case of air crash accidents.

Corporate and Commercial Law

Our scope of work includes:

  • Establishment of companies and businesses.
  • Incorporation of ZEC entities (ZEC, Special Tax Zone of the Canary Islands)
  • Incorporation of European companies and branches.
  • Incorporation of companies and branches in Latin America.
  • Promotion and establishment of companies, holding companies and trusts for commercial and tax purposes.
  • Equity financing and investment corporations.
  • Litigation in Spain, Europe – especially in the UK and Germany – and Latin America.
  • Mergers and acquisitions.
  • National and international commercial contracts.

We provide legal advice in Procedural Law in almost all aspects of litigation, in particular:

  • Lawsuits with the Spanish Authorities at national and local levels.
  • Litigation in Spanish and International civil and commercial matters.
  • Claims against insurers.
  • Actions in defence of honour and copyright.
  • Claims for payment in Spain, Europe and Latin America. European Order for Payment Procedure.
  • Recognition and enforcement of foreign judgments in Spain.
Immigration Law

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Our Immigration Department provides legal advice in the following areas of Immigration Law:

  • Family reunification.
  • Work and residence permits for self-employed.
  • Work and residence permits for employed individuals.
  • Non-Lucrative visas.
  • Legal residence for foreign students.
  • Renewal of work and residence permits.
  • Work and residence permits for periods less than one year.
  • Acquisition of Spanish Nationality.
  • Legal proceedings in immigration matters: administrative writs and appeals, contentious administrative proceedings against decisions denying work permits and expulsion orders.
Real Estate Law

We provide legal advice in:

  • Sale and rental of real estate, timeshare and administrative concessions and the sale of goodwill.
  • Drafting of contracts for rental of premises, shops and houses; processing of municipal licenses.
  • Urban Planning Law, including applications and appeals before the Administrative Authority.
  • Negotiations and contracts for the development and construction of residential and resorts.
  • Legal defence in administrative proceedings.
  • Contracts, joint ventures and mergers for developers and private investors.
  • Mortgages and encumbrances.
  • Project financing.
Labour and Social Security Law

Our firm advises companies and workers in labour matters, dismissals, collective agreements, changes in working conditions, measures for reconciling work and family life, sanctioning law and social security benefits.

Criminal Law

Our Criminal Law Department advises and handles Extradition matters and has extensive experience in representing cases of foreigners accused of crimes in Spain.

Inheritance Law

Our Wills and Trusts department offers personal advice on:

  • Spanish Wills.
  • Recognition and execution of foreign wills in Spain and Latin America.
  • Testamentary and intestate trials.
  • Heritage acceptances heritage of Spaniards and foreigners with properties in Spain