In those cases where is necessary the intervention of chartered translators in any Court,
within Spain, we kindly request the interested clients to contact our office with a minimum of
5 days before to the date in which is necessary the intervention of the chartered translator.
Although lawyers of our office speak in English, French and German, many times it is
required the intervention of chartered translators not related to our office, and that must be
taken into consideration.

Our law firm Fernando Scornik Gerstein SLP is in condition to offer to our clients the
services of the advice of accounting experts, include in the network of accountancy firms
which are working with us. Those advisers do not normally belong to our office, but they
have our total confidence. In case of doubt, please contact any of the lawyers at the firm
Fernando Scornik Gerstein, Jorge Agüero Lafora and Félix Cervantes Rodrigo at