Our lawyers can advise you on hereditary matters because sometimes, after the loss of a loved one, the heirs must face not only the duel but also a complicated process, which becomes even more serious when the assets to be inherited are in a country different from the nationality of the deceased.

This happens very often in the Canary Islands, where traditionally many foreigners every year seek a place to retire, buy a home, open a checking account and spend the last years of their lives. From there, several doubts may arise:

  • Do you know the bank accounts of the deceased?
  • Was the deceased owner of some property?
  • Are there assets and rights of the Heritage in Spain?
  • Does it benefit you to accept the inheritance?
  • Does the inheritance have debts?

Given our experience in hereditary law and the numerous cases we process every year, we can assist our clients with the simple granting of a power of attorney; saving them the necessity of having to go to the banking entities or to the different registries in a foreign country, obtaining the information they want and being able to value their hereditary position to, finally, assist them in the acceptance of the inheritance and management of the corresponding taxes.