Royal Decree 62/2018, of February 9, revises downwards the maximum commissions of funds management and increases the liquidity of this alternative savings by allowing the participants to withdraw contributions over at least ten years, starting in 2025 and without limitation.

With this modification, the aim is to increase competitiveness in this segment and increase the attractiveness of these savings products.

Most relevant information

The limitations to make pension plans and funds liquid are suppressed, as long as ten years have elapsed since their first contribution. All contributions made before 2015 may be withdrawn from the beginning 2025.

Management fees and deposit fees are reduced. If you have a pension fund that invests in fixed income, the maximum commission will be reduced to 0.85%

If it is a mixed fixed income fund, it will fall to 1.3%. And the maximum commission of the rest of the funds, whether they are variable income or guaranteed funds, will be 1.5%.

The maximum deposit fee will be 0.20%.